Our client send their raw materials to our factory to test t

2019-07-05 11:27

Client send crushed stone to our factory to test on our terrazzo tile machine

The raw materials for the terrazzo tile are cement, stone powder and crushed stone. But different countries they have different kinds of crushed stone and other materials, one of our clients send us their crushed stone through DHL. Yesterday, we use their crushed stone on our terrazzo tile making machine. The raw materials is suitable to use on our terrazzo tile machine, and later after curing, we will polish the terrazzo tiles. 

We are terrazzo tile machine manufacture, produce terrazzo tile making machine which can produce terrazzo tiles from 300x300mm to over 1m. We have professional technical team and can provide the whole life-long after sales service. Welcome clients from all over the world come to our factory to see our machine and discuss about the terrazzo tile machine project. 

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Email: judymanmach@hotmail.com 


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