MAN-MACHINERY designs and manufactures machines and automatic systems for the production of cement-based products, resin-based products, terrazzo tiles, concrete roof tiles, industrial and civil flooring, honed and polished tiles for indoor flooring and customer-designed tiles for sidewalks.etc

Thanks to our flexible production programs, we are able to meet all customer requirements, while maintaining high quality standards. Manufacturing, painting and electrical wiring are executed and controlled by highly qualified personnel,. The production of mechanical components is made with CNC machines of the latest generation, and for the assembly of machinery we use only first quality components.

The design process is performed with the most modern 3D C.A.D. and C.A.E. systems, that guaranteeing precision and reliability of each individual component and offering to the customer a precise study of the factory layout.

Our company emphasizes the assistance, collaboration and efficiency it offers its customers both before and after the installation of the purchased machinery. For several years we have concentrated our efforts in designing and manufacturing machines which might have a long life-span under heavy-duty conditions and with a minimum of maintenance and we are now in a position to affirm that our machines are the ones in the market with the lower need of spare parts to be kept in working order.

MAN-MACHINERY tends to continuously improve its products making technological innovations and offer full solutions for both of single-layer and for double-layer technologies, capable to meet their present and future needs, with linear and rotary presses, ranging from 115 to 1400 ton.   

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